Email Marketing/Design Services

Grow your audience and your revenue.

We help small businesses succeed with the best email marketing tools.

Email marketing can be highly beneficial to your business. Not only can they help you distribute information to a wide audience at very little cost; they can help you revive an old customer base and increase overall sales for your business.
TEQ Media can help provide professional e-newsletter design and campaign management to make your email communications stand out.

What are the benefits of e-newsletters?

  • Increase the effectiveness of your marketing
  • Strengthen existing customer relations
  • Target new customer prospects
  • Offer coupons and incentives
  • Create an open line of communication with your customers
  • Present yourself as an industry expert
  • Drive traffic to your web site
  • Eliminate print, mail house and postage costs
  • Measure the effectiveness of your marketing efforts
  • Keep in touch and BUILD stronger relationships with your group/list


We provide the following with our email marketing solutions (click on a box below to expand):

Leave a lasting impression with a custom newsletter templates that reflect your company’s unique style and brand. This is important because a consistent image, even in HTML email shows you are serious about your business.

Personalize mass messages/mailings with individual name(s).

We provide you with a customizable “Join our mailing list” signup tag for your web site.

Easily import your existing permission-based email lists. View and export of all your email lists.

Set up interest categories and collect demographic information from your subscribers. Easily customize the look & feel of the form to meet your unique requirements.

Every email includes a one-click Unsubscribe link assuring your subscribers that you have used a legitimate permission-based system.

Watch your email list grow as your customers and visitors send your promotions, newsletters event invitations or coupons to their friends and associates.

Ads and links in your message let your subscribers purchase directly from your email in one click.

And More!

In addition to the noted features above, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our e-newsletter design services (click on a box below to expand):

A: Good and very common question! We not only recommend, but many of our clients use services like ConstantContact. However clients have often ran into coding difficulties with custom-built newsletter themes, graphic design/modifications and layout/formatting needs.

Creating a professional e-newsletter does require some knowledge of HTML programming and graphic design experience to make your newsletter look very professional, non-template looking, and stand out from the rest.

Another common reason businesses and professionals use us is because they don’t have the time to create and manage the e- newsletters themselves. Creating, sending and managing e-newsletters can be a daunting and time-consuming task more than people realize. We pay attention to detail and manage everything for you. That’s the payoff.

A: YES! Some of our clients use other services and we just help them with the coding and design of their e-newsletters. Sometimes our clients prefer this because they already use the service and are familiar with how it works. We support other email services and can work with you to leverage these services more.

A: Our consultants can assist you with content ideas, but we ask our clients to provide the basic text content and images if necessary for their e-newsletters. We do provide professional copy writing services if you prefer us write, proofread and correct text content. Contact us for more information.

A: We first start by designing a custom e-newsletter template that matches the look & feel of your existing website, print media and/or overall brand image. This is done in the very beginning and is only done once unless you prefer to change the design template. The template is designed to accommodate the type and amount of content that will be used in the e-newsletter. After the template is created, the template is used for all future mailings.

As far as content, the most common method is that our clients send us the basic text content and photos in an email or Word document, and then we place the content in the custom template and do the necessary formatting and professional HTML programming to make it look properly.

A: Yes. But more often than not, we often see clients run into coding and graphic/text placement issues and needs, and they end up using our services altogether to avoid this. If you are knowledgeable in HTML programming, you can certainly manage and send the content yourself and use us to design your e-newsletter template.Yes. But more often than not, we often see clients run into coding and graphic/text placement issues and needs, and they end up using our services altogether to avoid this. If you are knowledgeable in HTML programming, you can certainly manage and send the content yourself and use us to design your e-newsletter template.

A: Yes! We can assist you in extracting your existing contacts from a source you own to use in your e-newsletter database. We do ask that you ask your contacts permission to be placed on the list if you do not have it.

A: No. We adhere to strict email policy guidelines and will not sell lists. It is our clients job to provide a list, or we will help them attract new subscribers through email marketing consulting.

A: If you have contacts in an existing address book that you own, and do not have a newsletter database, we will always tell you to get permission from your contacts before adding them to your e-newsletter list. If you own the source of the list, we can assist you in creating an initial email message notifying your contacts that they can subscribe to your list with instructions on how to do so. Another option, although we prefer not do it, is add your contacts to the e-newsletter list, then send an email notifying them that they have been subscribed to your list with a clear option to unsubscribe if they do not wish to receive your newsletter.

We will always place unsubscribe options in at the bottom of e-mail newsletters, as you can and will be accused of spamming if you do not provide an easy way to opt-out of your list. TEQ Media will not be responsible for any lawsuits resulting to sending unsolicited email to provided list(s).

A: Please see our e-newsletter service rates sheet (PDF) by clicking here.

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